This is the last page of a thirteen page update! Click here to read it from the beginning!

That wraps up Chapter 2! There’ll be a short break before Chapter 3: (title: DRAKKEN’S GAMBIT), but I’ll be working on quite a bit of XW stuff in the meantime:

  • I’m adding illustrated About and Cast pages to this website! We’ve hit about 350 pages in, I can’t just tell people “it’ll be easier to explain it if you just read it” in good faith anymore.
  • I’m retrofitting the Patreon into a monthly mini-zine subscription featuring sketches, scripts, process shots, original art, and mini-essays! ZINE CULTURE 4EVER.
  • Did you ever think when this comic started that Tumblr would die off and Facebook would start banning people for being openly gay? Ha ha!! We live in a nightmare. While I still use Twitter, I’d like to re-emphasize that Mastodon is still my social media site of choice. I remember picking up a Pillowfort account forever ago too, so I’ll be setting that up in the weeks to come as well. Viva decentralization!
  • Most importantly to the comic itself, I’d like to go back to biweekly updates with Chapter 3. “”””Monthly”””” block updates were schedule-flexible, but they didn’t generate a hell of a lot of buzz for the comic outside of about a week after whenever I’d update. I want folks to keep tuning in regularly and to have more opportunities to share XW with their friends, so the plan is to build a buffer back up, upload blocks of pages early to Patreon, and post two of them per week here. Thanks for your continued patience as I experiment with XW’s update format!

Happy holidays and see y’all in 2019! STAY QUEER AS FUCK AND HACK THE PLANET.