THE SHORT VERSION: A gang of queer hackers uncover a corporate conspiracy.

THE SLIGHTLY LESS SHORT VERSION: It’s the year 201X, thirty years since users across the country first strapped on VR rigs and jacked into cyberspace. Alan Winters is a college student with a secret– by night he’s Ultra Drakken, world-class computer hacker. Or, at least, he’d like to believe he’s world class. But when he runs afoul of actual world-class hacker Vrrmn and her elite cadre of data infiltrators, he’s pulled into a world of ruthless opponents, criminal intrigue, and a shadowy project with a meatspace hit list. Can Drakken and Vrrmn unravel the truth before their connections are terminated… or will real life catch up to them first?


ULTRA DRAKKEN. a.k.a. Alan Winters; he/him. Specialty: Distraction. Fighting style: Dual swords, because it’s cooler than just one sword. Finest moment: Leaked photos of the vinyl figurines from the web series adaptation of the comic book based on the video game Midnite Fiasco 2 once– intensely valuable information to the right people. Current hacker cred score: Tragic.

VRRMN. a.k.a. Theresa Petrovsky; she/her. Specialty: Infiltration. Fighting style: Corruption-enhanced hand-to-hand. Finest moment: Erased thousands of student debts and implicated the CEO of an international bank for embezzlement in one run. One awful, awful run. Current hacker cred score: Terrifyingly formidable.

ANAKONDA. a.k.a. Adanya Nwosu-Harris; she/mmmmaybe they??. Specialty: Engineering. Fighting style: Whatever she’s working on at the moment, but remote-controlled viruses are a fave. Finest moment: Designing the stealth tech behind Vrrmn’s avatar– keeping complexity to a minimum for sizeable subroutine space with a whisper-quiet server footprint. Current hacker cred score: Could be higher. Could always be higher.

CS-ONE. a.k.a. Cassandra Holt, formerly The Magpie Queen; she/her. Specialty: Assassination. Fighting style: Firearms, short and long range. Finest moment: Retiring from hacking and finding real, tangible ways to help people after one awful, awful run. But while you can take the bird out of the digital jungle, you can’t take the jungle out of the bird… Current hacker cred score: Towering under her old handle. The tiniest possible blip nowadays.

ORBIT. a.k.a. Niko Lizarazo Salamanca; they/them. Specialty: Avatar design. Fighting style: No way! They’re just a super cute widdle space bear! Finest moment: Winning 3rd place at Intron C’s New Year New You designers’ showcase. Gunning for first next year! Current hacker cred score: N/A, but if you don’t want to walk around the Grid wearing an uncanny valley facsimile of a human body– and you really don’t, trust me– Orbit’s the bear to see.




THE AUTHOR: Iris Jay has been putting comics online for over a decade. If given the chance, she absolutely would download a pizza. She currently lives in Seattle, WA.