Hey folks! New year, new blog post. A couple talking points:

  • Our Patreon is live at http://patreon.com/ianjay! Pledging will grant you access to a behind-the-scenes blog for Crossed Wires stuff, as well as early pages and exclusive wallpapers. If we get enough people pledging, I’ll start an askblog, do weekly streams, maybe even update three times a week instead of two (wow!). Tiers start at $1! Check it out!
  • Our store is totally revamped at http://store.ianjay.net! Offering books, minicomics, and merch. We’re also planning to release more minicomics AND PDF downloads of new and old stuff (!!) on there a little later this year. Keep your eyes peeled on that spot.
  • We’ve added some Project Wonderful ad space on our website! Turn off AdBlock to get the full experience. Also, feel free to bid on space if you’ve got a comic or creation of your own that you think CW readers would dig!
  • This “episode” of Crossed Wires is gonna be ending in about… twenty, thirty pages?? After this we’re gonna do a big Endnotes post and kick into Episode Two. I’m planning CW to be structured sort of like a TV show, with overarching plots separated into smaller “episodes” between 50 and 100 pages long. Here’s to experimentation!