Hey folks! WE’RE BACK with the premiere of Chapter Two! Also, some quick updates before we go any further.

  • After a short period of non-functionality, comments are back! Feel free to yell about XW all you want. (Don’t get too weird, though. I SEE ALL.) We’re working on getting our store back up and running this month too– more news as it develops!
  • Early updates on the Iris Jay Patreon are back– this time open to $1 patrons! I’m kind of converting the Patreon into more of a loosey-goosey tip jar, since I plan on moving a lot of process and odds’n’ends posts to…
  • …the Iris Jay Blog! It’s now live. I’ll be reposting some older Patreon Core Dump material on there, as well as other process stuff that I’m working on. Plus maybe comics-related posts that are too long for Twitter? Idk, I kind of want to push for an online work journal presence that isn’t tied to a specific social media platform (though posts will get crossposted to my Twitter and Tumblr).

Super excited to dig into this next chapter! Hope you’re excited too.