So THAT’S how that happened.

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Thanks for your patience with me getting this one out– it’s been a busy Autumn, with conventions, deadlines and wild new projects. I’d like to have the next update up and out of the door by late December, early January at the very latest. I’ll also be at Midwest Furfest next week, hawking my wares alongside my devilishly handsome partner Nero O’Reilly. Exciting!

Speaking of Nero, did you know that I’m writing a spicy gay smut comic that he’s drawing nowadays? It’s called Golden Trick, and it’s about two gay con men with Kabbalistic mystical powers. It just updated today too! If you’re over 18 and subscribe to Slipshine, you can read it here:

Also hey, have you heard of Mastodon? It’s all the rage nowadays. I’m on there, and I’ve got a dedicated Crossed Wires “promotions, aesthetic and shitposting” account too. Maybe think about joining! It’s fun and easy!